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Phone: 540-439-7227 Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Rider's Backfield Farm Beef

Jimmy and Robin Rider
6251 S.F.T. Valley Road
Etlan, VA 22719

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To provide our customers with genuinely tasty, affordable, healthy and locally produced beef raised in as gentle and humane way as possible.

To provide our beef the most healthy and palatable pasture and supplements as possible while with us on our farm.

To provide our beef with the best possible health management while with us on our farm.

To provide our beef with the best possible life while with us on our farm.

To farm in a sustainable and healthy way and to preserve and maintain the integrity of the land and environment on which we make a living.

We are located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia on the road known as “the F.T. Valley road” in stunning Madison County. Our beef graze placidly on the hill and valley pastures at the base and belly of Old Rag Mountain. We maintain that just like you, when and if you visit this area, that the view and pastoral setting, “just makes it better” for our beef! Our logo states “beef raised with an Old Rag Mountain view!” Years ago, when we were younger, we remember beef being raised the way we are now raising our beef and the taste was so memorable. That is why we state that Rider’s Backfield Farm Beef is raised and tastes the “way it used to be; delicious, affordable and local.”